Chocolate Seastorm | Dive In

Chocolate Seastorm | Dive In


1. Next Plane To London
2. Love Will Find A Way
3. He Said (She Said She Said)
4. Alone
5. Come On
6. Red Rubber Ball
7. Whatever Lola Wants
8. Everything You Are To Me
9. You’re A Part Of Me
10. As Time Goes By

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los angeles trio, chocolate seastorm is alanna vicente, dave merenda and cathy merenda. on their first studio release, chocolate seastorm, featuring the richly voiced alanna vicente, create a soulful, retro-infused sort of pop and rock that bears their distinctive brand of fun and attitude. produced by songwriter and band member, dave merenda (“i will remember you”, sarah mclachlan), “dive in” presents a slightly more sophisticated sound from their live shows but doesn’t lose the element of fun and whimsy. a little punchier and a bit more rockin’ here and there, but no less a classic.

release features some long lost covers of songs from the 40’s through the 60’s as well as a collection of melodic heartfelt songs from dave merenda that are accessible and sincere.

produced by dave merenda

chocolate seastorm is:
alanna vicente: vocals, bass, trombone, whistling
dave merenda: bg vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, organ, keyboards, trombone, whistling
cathy merenda: drums, baked goods